CNC LATHE for Railway Wheel Machining

Heavy Duty CNC Lathe DY-1200C~1500C (Bed width 692mm), DY-1600C~1900C (Bed width 888mm) series are designed for heavy duty machining such as railway wheel turning, metro rail wheel machining, railway axle machining.

In the Rail wheel Industry, railway wheel turning is possible for re-turning and new wheel turning. Annn Yang CNC lathe DY-1200C~1500C, DY-1600C~1900C is frequently used as easily solution for re-turning used railwheel as repairing or Railway train wheel Maintenance.

Train wheels rolling on a train track. Almost all train wheels have a curved projection or flange on one side to keep the wheels running on the rails. Wheel geometry for Railway wheel flange and Tram wheel flange are different.

Railwheels are inspected at scheduled time intervals to check for any wear, including related defects such as spalling, built-up-tread and out-of-round. Damaged train wheels could cause discomfort for passengers, once one wheel is worn to the threshold, complete wheelset or all the other wheels of the same train have to be maintained at the same time.