Variable Speed Metal Lathe

With more than 30 year experience Annn Yang has developed mature leading technology in the world's industry field for metal working. Stable and reliable quality is Annn Yang's company culture and value.

Annn Yang Variable Speed lathe is high quality manual lathe with following features:

  • High quality Schneider inverter (Telemecanique) Installed to control spindle speed.
  • The headstock gears made of Chrom-Molybdenum alloy steel (SCM 21), Carburization hardened, precision ground for smooth and quiet running.
  • The spindle is 3 point supported by precision bearings assures long lasting cutting stability. And larger spindle bore available for each model.
  • The headstock is a totally enclosed design with oil bath lubrication. A forced lubrication pump delivers oil to contacting surface for excellent lubrication effort.
  • The gearbox provides inch/metric threading capacity. It allows accurate cutting of inch and metric threads. A shear pin is fitted for overload protection.
  • Extra wide bed is constructed of high tensile Meehanite casting, annealing treated to relieve stress. Bed ways are high frequency heat treated and precision ground. Hardness more than HRC 56.
  • Bed-carriage slide way is coated with Turcite-B for less friction and wear, and smooth traverse.
  • The bed and base is one piece constructed for maximum rigidity, which avoids vibration and tool chattering when in heavy duty cutting.
  • Carriage is heat treated, precision ground to extend its service life.
  • Hand and automatic lubricator provides lubrication to longitudinal and cross slide ways.
  • The apron has interlock device to prevent feeds and thread cutting motions operation simultaneously.
  • Specially designed rapid traverse for efficient longitudinal and cross traverse.
  • Extremely rugged tailstock is easy to move. Tailstock quill is hardened and precision ground making it ideal for precision turning and drilling and operations.
Variable High Speed Lathe DY-410VS~510VS (BED305/330MM)
Variable High Speed Lathe
High speed and high precision. Best manual lathe for workshop.
MODEL: DY-410VS~510VS (BED305/330MM)
Distance Between Centers mm 1000~3100
Swing over bed mm 410~510
Swing over cross slide mm 230~320
Bed Width mm 305~330
Variable Speed Lathe DY-560VS~760VS (BED 410 MM)
Variable Speed Lathe
Metal working lathe with variable speed spindle.
MODEL: DY-560VS~760VS (BED 410 MM)
Distance Between Centers mm 1000~6000
Swing over bed mm 560~760
Swing over cross slide mm 310~510
Bed Width mm 410
Variable Speed Medium Duty Lathe DY-680VS~980VS (BED 458MM)
Variable Speed Medium Duty Lathe
High performance yet easy to use
MODEL: DY-680VS~980VS (BED 458MM)
Distance Between Centers mm 1100~8000
Swing over bed mm 680~980
Swing over cross slide mm 440~740
Bed Width mm 458
Variable Speed Heavy Duty Lathe DY-860VS~1100VS (BED 558MM)
Variable Speed Heavy Duty Lathe
User friendly for large and long workpiece
MODEL: DY-860VS~1100VS (BED 558MM)
Distance Between Centers mm 1000~16000
Swing over bed mm 860~1100
Swing over cross slide mm 550~790
Bed Width mm 558
Variable Speed Heavy Duty Roller Lathe DY-1100VS~1500VS (BED 692MM)
Variable Speed Heavy Duty Roller Lathe
Large swing lathe for big roller cutting
MODEL: DY-1100VS~1500VS (BED 692MM)
Distance Between Centers mm 1500~25000
Swing over bed mm 1100~1500
Swing over cross slide mm 730~1130
Bed Width mm 692
Three Guide Way Lathe DY-2000VS~2300VS (BED 1150MM)
Three Guide Way Lathe
Large swing lathe for big roller cutting
MODEL: DY-2000VS~2300VS (BED 1150MM)
Distance Between Centers mm 2000~2500
Swing over bed mm 2100~2300
Swing over cross slide mm 1500~1700
Bed Width mm 1150