Precision CNC Lathe Machines Production Line in Taiwan

Annn Yang is located in the modern Feng Zhou High Tech Industrial Park in Taichung, Taiwan. Since its inception in 1990, Annn Yang has been developing lathes for the international market, producing precision built machines that are both unique in design and function. Through innovation and aggressive investment in many cutting-edge resources when developing new products, Annn Yang constantly makes advances in the lathe industry.
Manufacturer of all kinds of lathe. CNC Lathe, Conventional Lathe, Variable Speed Lathe, Clutch Lathe, Big Bore Lathe. Heavy Duty Lathe, Slant Bed Lathe. Complete machine or OEM for more.
ANNN YANG provides special requested application, customized specification such as Y axis, B axis, big spindle bore, hydraulic tailstock, auto tool pre-setter, double chuck, double turret.

About Annn Yang

High Energy Technology

Annn Yang is a modern machine tool manufacturer located in Feng-Zhou High-Tech Industrial Park. 1000 top enterprise in Taiwan. Member of TAMI (Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry).

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Special Application- B Axis
Special Application- B Axis
Roller For Steel Reinforcement Bars / Rebar
Oil Country Lathe
Oil Country Lathe
Annn Yang Oil Country Lathe
CNC Oil Country Lathe for Oil Pipe Machining
CNC Oil country lathe DY-860C~1100C, DY-1200C~1500C series is produced for machining oil pipes in oil & gas industry field. Since this machine is specially made for machining long oil pipe, long oil tube, oil tubing, oil drill pipe, etc...... more