Comprehensive CNC Automatic Lathe Machinery

Find comprehensive CNC Automatic Lathe Machinery and Manual Lathe both unique in design and function with competitive price and high quality in Annn Yang!
Automatic CNC Lathe Machines, Heavy Duty Lathe, Big Bore Lathe
Annn Yang provides solid and high performance CNC lathes with one-piece cast iron bed with heat-treated guideway and extra supporting guideway or box way to offer maximum rigidity, precision and stability. With the excellent R.D ability and assemble technology, Annn Yang not only can produce standard sizes of CNC lathes but is highly eligible to produce customized CNC lathes such as big swing lathes, big spindle bore lathes, heavy duty lathes and special-purposed lathes.
Manual Lathes, Conventional Lathe Machine

With more than 30 year experience, Annn Yang has developed mature leading technology in the world's industry field for metal working. Stable and reliable quality is Annn Yang's company culture and value.

Variable Speed Metal Lathe, Variable Speed Lathes
Variable speed metal lathe features for long lasting cutting stability, accurate cutting of inch and metric threads, and precision turning. Inquire Annn Yang's variable speed lathes for more.
Mechanical Clutch Lathe, Clutch Lathes
Clutch lathe features for high quality mechanical clutch and electro-magnetic brake from Italy installed inside headstock for spindle, is ideal for precision turning and drilling and operations.
Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine, Slant Bed Lathes
Annn Yang's slant bed lathe is designed based on heavy duty machining purpose for oil pipe and gas industry. And also multiple functions available according to customer's customized request.
Vertical Milling / Turning Lathe Machine, Vertical CNC Lathes
ANNN YANG Vertical Milling & Turning Lathe is a unique product designed based on efficiency and accuracy, which is a combination of milling machine and vertical lathe, with different functions including turning, milling, drilling, threading, boring, grinding etc.
CNC Lathes Accessories, Manual Lathe Accessories
CNC Lathes & Manual Lathe Accessories includes manual tool post, quick change tool post, European type multi-fix 40 position tool post, electric tool post, hydraulic 4T tool post, hydraulic 8T turret, live tool 12T turret, independent boring bar holder, milling attachment, VDI/BMT turret.