Vertical Milling / Turning Lathe Machine

ANNN YANG Vertical Milling & Turning Lathe is a unique product designed based on efficiency and accuracy, which is a combination of milling machine and vertical lathe, with different functions including turning, milling, drilling, threading, boring, grinding etc.

  • With this Vertical Milling & Turning Lathe, the operator doesn't have to move the work piece to the other machine for different process. Traditional machine with single function will waste time for taking off work piece, moving it, fixing it on another machine, setting new zero point and tool offset etc.
  • Combination of milling machine and lathe, saves money and foundation space.
  • The machine base is made of high quality casting, FC-300, and high rigidity double-wall construction, keeps the stability during high speed machining and turning process.
  • Machine base is vertical type. Compound design with work table and chuck at the same time. Available for both round work piece and irregular work piece.
  • Vertical construction of 3 axes on top. Combination of milling and turning function. Milling spindle moves 3 directions (X/Y/Z axes), available for B axis angle milling head.
  • Turning spindle installed with high accuracy ring encoder and hydraulic brake for excellent C axis function.
  • Milling spindle with hollow shaft main motor for center coolant.
  • Special milling spindle lock (clamping) system for clamping turning tools.
  • Construction of chuck and moving work table.
  • ATC Tool magazine with 24+1 tools.
  • Motorized work table fixed with hydraulic lock system for working as standard milling machine function.
Vertical Milling & Turning Machine Center AY-VMT-600~800
Vertical Milling & Turning Machine Center AY-VMT-1000~1200
Vertical Milling & Turning Machine Center AY-VMT-1600~2000