CNC Lathes & Manual Lathe Accessories

  • All kinds of tool post: Manual tool post, quick change tool post, European type multi-fix 40 position tool post, electric tool post, hydraulic 4T tool post, hydraulic 8T turret, live tool 12T turret, independent boring bar holder, milling attachment, VDI/BMT turret.
  • All kinds of chuck: 3-jaw universal chuck, 4-jaw independent chuck, face plate, big through hole chuck, pneumatic chuck, air chuck, hydraulic chuck, rear chuck, heavy duty chuck, boring mill jaws, 5C collet chucks
  • Tailstock: Manual tailstock, hydraulic tailstock, pneumatic tailstock, programmable tailstock, heavy duty tailstock, tailstock with live quill, tailstock with spindle nose
  • B axis with milling attachment
  • C axis with high accuracy ring encoder
  • Y axis
  • Double carriage, double turrets, dual system
  • U axis threading head
  • Linear scales, DRO scale
  • Motorized top slide
  • Tool probe, tool pre-setter, tool measurement, workpiece measurement
  • Steady rest, follow rest, hydraulic steady rest, rolling support, C type steady rest
  • Taper attachment
  • Hydraulic copy attachment
  • Grinding attachment
  • Chip conveyor
  • Paper filter system
  • Spindle oil cooler, oil chiller
  • Electric cabinet air conditioner
  • Live center, center sleeve, bull head live center
Manual Lathes Accessories
CNC Lathes Accessories