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Machining Capability Swing Over Bed 660mm
Max turning diameter 300mm
Main Spindle Spindle Nose A2-8
Spindle Bore 102mm (available for 12" hyd. chuck)
Spindle Speed (rpm) 3000rpm
Travel X axis 500mm
Z axis 650mm
Thrust X axis thrust force 3282kgf
Z axis thrust force 4257kgf
Feeds X axis rapid traverse 10M/min
Z axis rapid traverse 10M/min
Motors Main motor FANUC A18 Spindle motor 18.5~22kw
X axis servo motor FANUC A22 servo motor 4.0kw, 22Nm, 3000rpm
Z axis servo motor FANUC A30 servo motor 7.0kw, 30Nm, 3000rpm
Lubrication pump 30W
Coolant pump 70 bar (opt)
Hydraulic tank pump 5hp (3.7kw)
Milling Spindle Taper NT50
Max speed 3300rpm
Motor FANUC A12 spindle motor 11~15KW (opt)
Tank Capacity Hydraulic Tank (Optional) 70L
Lubrication pump 2L
Coolant tank 200L
Ball Screw X axis diameter 40mm / pitch 10
Z axis diameter 40mm / pitch 10
Tailstock Quill Diameter ---
Quill Travel ---
Quill Taper ---
Measurement Length 3000mm
Height 2300mm
Width 2300mm
Net weight (approx.)(kg) 5500kg
* Above specifications are subject to change without notice. Special requirement please contact with us.
ATC-660X650 ATC-660X650 ATC-660X650 ATC-660X650 ATC-660X650