PC Based Lathes DY-410~510PC (BED 305/330MM)

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Machining capability Distance between centers 1000/1500 mm 1250 /1500 /2000/3000mm
Swing over bed 410mm 510
Swing over cross slide 200mm 300mm
Bed Width 305mm(12”) 330mm(13”)
Main spindle Spindle nose D1-6 D1-8
Spindle bore 54mm 80 or 102 (Opt.)mm
Spindle speed (rpm) 50~3000 (STA) With 3-step gear (OPT) 50~2500rpm ( bore 102: 1800rpm) With 3-step gear (OPT)
Spindle taper MT6 MT7
Travel Cross travel (X axis) 180mm 200mm
Longitudinal travel (Z axis) 750/1250mm 950/1200/1700/2700mm
Feeds X axis rapid traverse 5M/min
Z axis rapid traverse 7.5M/min
Cutting feed rate 0.001-500mm/rev (0.0004”-20”/rev)
Motors Main motor 5.5kw 7.5kw
X axis servo motor AC servo motor 1.53kw/ 7.3Nm / 2000rpm
Z axis servo motor AC servo motor 2.49kw/11.9Nm /2000rpm
Oil pump 80W
Coolant pump 1/8hp
Hydraulic tank pump (optional) 2hp (1.5kw)
Tank capacity Hydraulic tank (optional) 20L
Lubrication pump 2L
Coolant tank 30L
Ball screw X axis diameter 25mm / pitch 5
Z axis diameter 40mm / pitch 5
Tailstock Quill diameter 54mm 75mm
Quill travel 130mm 150mm
Quill taper MT4 MT5
Measurement (approx.)(kg) Net weight 1800/2000 2100/2300/2850/3950
Gross weight 2000/2250 2300/2550/3150/4350

Weight capacity Chuck only Chuck + Tailstock Chuck + 1 Steady rest + Tailstock Chuck + 2 Steady rest + Tailstock
Spindle bore 54mm 80kg 300kg 450kg 700kg
Spindle bore 80mm 300kg 800kg 1000kg 1500kg
Spindle bore 102mm 400kg 900kg 1100kg 1600kg
* Above specifications are subject to change without notice. Special requirement please connect with us.
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